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Woman Cleaning Furniture

Residential Cleaning

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  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor

  • Wipe down table and chairs

  • Wipe down front oven and refrigerator

  • Scrub kitchen sink and fixtures

  • Clean inside and outside of microwave

  • Clean and shine appliances, clean stove-top and burner pans 

  • Clean and disinfect counter tops


  • Clean and disinfect sink, toilet, and tub - inside and out

  • Wipe down cabinet fronts

  • Clean and shine mirror, shower doors, and picture glass

  • Dust door frames, raised panels, window ledges, etc.

  • Sweep and mop floor on hands  and knees


  • Make bed with clean sheets (includes master and 1 additional bed.)

  • Dust furniture 

  • Vacuum floors and under beds, if possible

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